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I just wanted to let you know, because you said no one would read this, that I read it.

I teach a different part of the same general course, with the same misgivings and thoughts, and with the same conviction about The Talk. I also have been noticing (although only up to chapter 3) a slight underlying tension between Horton and Freire. So many people come to this book with a strong affinity with Freire's work, and find Horton subtly confronting on a couple of matters. I often wonder about Third Party and what she/s was going through in framing those intervening questions.

I wondered about this too when I was looking at your quote generator. I wondered about our practice of extracting inspirational shorter quotes from complex and sometimes contradictory pieces of prose.

This is a lovely post, I have been following your series of reflections with interest and in this one I broke my made-up book club rule in relation to spoilers.

Kate Bowles, Dec 09 2016 on